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Cultural trips to Morocco

Morocco Islamic Tours

Morocco is one of Africa most geographically, culturally, and socially diverse Muslim Countries, is spectacularly beautiful and rewarding to discover and explore. Visiting the Kingdom or taking a Muslim Heritage tour will offer the best combination between a European country and an African/Arab one. Only eight miles separate Tangier from Spain at the straight of Gibraltar. A spectacular straight where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea meet. Traveling in this Islamic destination from Spain will give you the ultimate grip on ancient Islamic history and countless civilizations that swept through thousands of years. Most importantly the Moorish Heritage in Islamic Spain. This Muslim Cherifian Kingdom is an enticing country to visit for Muslims from around the globe, possessing best food and Music, some of the most important metropolis of Islamic and Sufi teachings, like Fez, Tangier and Marrakech not to speak of the Sahara holy cities like Sijilmassa and Zagora to Tombouktou, some of the highest mountains on the continent, and is laced with fertile plateaus and plains giving way to the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to the ancient cedar forests of the Middle Atlas Mountains, to the most spectacular dunes of the Sahara desert. It is also known for its diverse geography landscapes, architecture, sacred music and chants of Sufi and Islamic faith, not to forget the culinary art of best Tagines and Halal cuisine. Cooking classes in Morocco are an experience in itself. We invite to join one of our Islamic heritage tours to explore the beauty and charm of this destination whether in a Heritage group tour or simply as a Muslim private FITs independent traveler. We can custom design the best Muslim tour for you

tours in Morocco and spain

Muslim Heritage Tours in Spain

Spain is at once a land of stoics and mystics, of poets and painters, of dreamers and realists, of music and great Halal food, Spanish cuisine is known around the globe. Evidently, by visiting Moorish or Muslim Spain one Witness to its intricate tapestry of colors and shapes will understand why the Muslim Moors referred to it as "the ultimate paradise." It is our intent to help travelers unlock its magic and mystery, to introduce you it's peoples zest for life, their loyal friendship, and unsurpassed hospitality. The Spanish music and dance, arts and architecture, spirituality as Islamic and Sufi values and love for beauty is rooted in Spanish culture, Culinary arts of Halal tasting would encourage you to take some cooking classes in Spain's cuisine by its diversity and variation makes it one of the best countries in the world for Muslim to visit. If Tourism in Spain has been booming for decades, this only proves that Spain has a lot to offer for tourists whether Muslims or not. Spain is a spectrum of cultural, adventure, spiritual and artistic Painting. Many Muslim Tour itineraries are available for you to choose from. Again great flamenco music of all times. Escorted and guided Muslim tours for small groups Tours and individuals FITs are offered to all kinds of visitors, of Islamic faith as well as other confessions. For those who discriminate group tour, we have reserved the right for them to customize their own tour for their own party as a small family Tour traveling together or a small group of friends based on Islamic norms of halal food and respect to Islamic rituals. Come and discover the Magic of Spain with Alcazar Tours and Services Muslim Tours in Spain. You will certainly fall in love with it...

Portugal Trips and Vacations

Portugal Cultural Tours

Portugal is one of Europ's oldest countries. Endowed by the most enticing landscapes that vary in every horizon. Not to forget the nobless and the unsurpassed hospitality of the Portuguese people. We should not forget that historically Portugal was also a Muslim Dominion. One of Portugal large provinces till our day is still called Al Garve, which simply means "West" in Arabic. When Muslims ruled Spain they called that part of the empire simply the West. The Portuguese people have long inherited so much from Muslim life and teaching and kept all that is so beneficial and progressive to improve their life holding on a large part of Arabic terminology still used in Portuguese today not to speak of rituals and beliefs that is still noticeable today. Islamic heritage in Portugal is worth discovering. Andalusian influence of 800 years of history has marked its imprints of an Islamic civilization in Portugal to reckon with. Another thing not to forget that Portugal has lived on the western shores of Morocco for 500 hundred years side by side with Moroccans to a point ethnologists and linguists can some time get confused of which is Moroccan verses Portuguese due to what is shared in daily lives and the intermarriages with Muslims, the influence of Muslim scholars and thinkers, the arts and crafts we share not to forget that it was customary for notable families and nobles including kings to marry Berber women known for their unsurpassed beauty and know how. all that took place for over a millennium. Islam and Sufism teachings are still a way of life in a Catholic nation so rooted in Islam. Here is another European Country for Muslims yet to be discovered. Join one of our Muslim tours in Portugal.

Fez Sufi tour Festival

The Moorish Legacy - An Islamic History Tour of Spain and Morocco

Today Spain is a Catholic country and Spaniards never discriminate the other beliefs. Over two million Muslims live side by side with their fellow Christians in harmony and mutual respect. The Muslim community respects as well the norms of prayers and has it infrastructure well set for visitors of the Islamic faith. You will find mosques and places set for prayers, halal markets, and restaurant to enjoy all staples unique to this land. However, people here are not used to see people praying in streets and public places. One has to be sensitive to others perspective. Bearing in mind that Spain as a country had separated the religion from the politics and law, we can see that is nothing against Islam, but in general is not well seen to pray (Christian or Muslim) in a place which is not a temple (church, mosque, etc). Alcazar Tours are offering special Islamic Heritage journeys and trips in Spain to take Muslim visitors through an engaging, insightful tour into this important period in world history. Enjoy and explore the forgotten Islamic civilization of Spain guided by local Spanish Muslims

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Marrakech Experience

Discover what is beautiful, peaceful, and magic. Come and explore the lush gardens of Marrakech, the best man-made oasis. Enjoy the best restaurants the kingdom has to offer. Stay in best hotels and legendary riads. Shop at the most exciting souks on the planet with your budget. Have fun in Marrakech!

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Visit Fez Surrounding...

Explore the ancient, the exceptional and the mysterious city of Fez from Spain. We invite you to experience and share the daily life of Moroccan families that have opened their doors to welcome you among them in their charming home in the Medina. a trip made for you, Cheap, discounted to meet your budget.

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Sufi Music Tour of Morocco

One of the most important aspects of Moroccan culture is music, emphasized on every occasion in order to display thoughts and feelings that are impossible to put into words. This otherworldly discounted journey will introduce you to a world of spirituality and beauty that transcends religion, as you absorb an atmosphere replete with authentic Moroccan music and culture. Make it a dream vacation and an experience of a lifetime.