Guided Muslim Tours in Spain, Morocco and Portugal

unsurpassed cultural services for Muslim and Sufi travel in Spain and Morocco...

Alcazar Tours Inc. is a Muslim travel agency initially founded in response to the low-quality, the mass-market mentality of Muslim travel and tourism in Morocco, Spain and Portugal exploited mainly by foreign, large-volume companies. Alcazar Tours, Inc sets out to create a new approach to Muslim travel in Spain and Portugal respectfully and adequately distributed in different regions creating opportunities for the Muslim traveler and local people to connect spiritually, share Islamic practices and Sufi teaching in remote areas. With more emphasis on Islamic education and Sufi environment preservation, we became the first company to create scheduled programs and private itineraries to develop Muslim rural and ecotourism when others were busy focusing on mass tourism in the big cities and beaches; Alcazar Tours, Inc is extremely proud of the reputation we have earned for Muslim Travel to Spain, Morocco and Portugal also have since developed Sufi programs of quality, custom-designed private Muslim tours to the diverse areas in the Iberic peninsula, whether in the ancient imperial historic cities or in the evergreen cedar forests of the Rif Mountains or trekking the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains in the oases and Kasbahs of the mystic Sahara desert, with integrity and respect to its authenticity.

Alcazar Tours is an eminent travel and tourism business that has been enabling the conscious travelers to increase their knowledge and enjoy effectively the glory of Islamic civilization that flourished in Western Mediterranean respectively in Spain and Morocco. Whether you are a Muslim tourist, an academic scholar, a mystic Sufi, a student of life or simply a curious traveler, Alcazar Tours can provide an array of Islamic services that enable you to evaluate your current offerings and build your capabilities to better enjoy the beauty of Islamic history and Sufi approach in this part of the world and its people. Alcazar Tours also offers extensive Muslim Travel programs for groups and private parties. These include cultural itineraries focused on Muslim history, architecture, arts and music, crafts, cuisine and daily life of the Moors. Other Muslim programs are replete with spirituality, stoicism, Sufism, and private retreats in Spain and Morocco. Alcazar Tours is partner of Ibn Arabi Society, Quadiri Boutchichi Sufi order, Fez Saiss Association, Crescent Rating, and Halal Tourism Conference.

About this touring agency of Alcazar Tours and Islamic trips in Spain and Morocco: You will travel in chauffeured vehicles from a coastline bathed in Mediterranean breezes to explore Islamic landmarks, ancient Roman ruins, walk through the olive grove filmed in (The Last Temptation of Christ), take an easy hike near the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, explore Berber villages, camp in a beautiful Sahara tent encampment among the local Tuaregs Bedouins (Blumen) and shop in bustling, ancient marketplaces. Enjoy Moroccan and Spanish Halal cuisine, spiritual and Sufi Music everywhere you go whether you join our group tours or have your journey tailor-made for you, even a cooking class if that interests you.

We are the leaders of Sustainable Islamic tourism and Muslim Heritage preservation. At Alcazar Tours, we offer something unique, an opportunity to learn about the realm of an open and tolerant Muslim society, the history of Islamic at its peak in the Andalous (actual Spain) learn and share the soul of the esoteric way of Islam, give back to the Muslim country you are visiting in our Spain group tours or Morocco private trips. If you are a socially aware and experienced Muslim traveler who wants to see the reality of these destinations, land of Sufism and esoteric teaching of Islam and enticement while making a real difference for your soul and bless the moment sharing your prayers and contemplation, this trip is for you! Group or private tour…

Our Goals

  • Expanding horizons and build bridges between Muslim cultures of the world and Morocco, Spain and Portugal.
  • Face to face encounters with real people creates opportunities and understanding much needed today.
  • Creating wonderful spiritual programs with locals and goodwill people who travel with a purpose.
  • Sharing the sacred of Muslim Moroccan and Spanish ceremonies, music, spirituality, festivals, cuisine and ways of life beyond the scope of tourism.
  • Working with Muslim NGOs, minorities and underprivileged communities to develop Muslim sustainable programs where needed most..

To all our Muslim travelers

We at Alcazar Tours & Services believe the freedom to choose for yourself what interests you creates the spontaneity that maximizes the chances for great experiences allowed in private Muslim travel. We at Alcazar Tours & Services listen to you attentively and customize your Muslim tour to the T for you, or advise you to join a small group of Muslim travelers like yourself.

Our guides and drivers are there to help ease the way for you and minimize the inconveniences of traveling in a foreign land. We are equally proud of the smaller, more intimate bed-and-breakfasts and small inns that we have found to be more catering to our Muslim clientele such as riads and Paradores. Many are historic monuments that have been respectfully and tastefully converted. Not only do they offer you an experience not found in larger "Holiday Inn" types of hotels, but they also give new life to historic monuments that would otherwise be abandoned and ultimately destroyed or replaced by chain hotels.

These establishments—from small inns to game lodges to grand "old-world" hotels—embody the charm and Islamic culture of our destinations and offer you a chance to get to know the people who work there and their daily lives. We do not believe, however, that private travel need be prohibitively expensive. In fact, many of our Muslim clients report that our prices are comparable to some of the group tours they have used or researched before they found us.