We are a Touring company specialized in customized Halal Muslim tours to Spain and Morocco. We offer a wide variety of spiritual, Sufi, and Mystic and sacred music tours to Morocco Spain and Portugal for small group and personalized private tours. Our base travel agency is in Morocco with offices in Spain, Canada and the USA. For your spiritual and mystic travel arrangements to Morocco, please contact us for any inquiry or question to join our pre packaged group tours or personalize a private journey if you prefer independent travel. If our set small group islamic tours to Morocco and Spain do not meet your requirements We will customize it for you. We can design a tour to Morocco and Spain just for you that would meet all your points of interest and budget. Traveling as an independent custom design FITs tour, you can choose any date exploring any routing in Morocco, Spain or Portugal. We also specialize in short halal excursions from Spain to Morocco that varies from one day to any time you may wish to spend in Morocco. People who visit spain wish always to cross the unique straight of Gibraltar to set a foot in africa especially Tangier, extend their knowledge of history between Spain and Morocco, for multiple days or simply a short trip. Crossing from Spain to Morocco is a rewarding travel experience of a life time. Immerse yourself in Moroccan mysticism and spanish islamic history as you experience the amazing sights, ancient mystic history of these magical destinations. You will be treated to local Sufi music, halal cooking classes, walking tours, traditional mint-tea ceremonies, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with locals. Travel with spiritual experts in Islamic travel. Spiritual Tourism sustains life and environment of local communities. Become a contributor to the goodwill of locals who directly benefit from a tourism that is responsible, sustainable and nature friendly to the ecosystem.

Your tour is escoted by the best knowledeable Muslim guides and tour leaders proud to share with you their culture and history fo a univversal Islamic Civilization unique to Spain and Morocco. Explore the beauty and magicv of Alhambra in Granada, The great Oumayyad Mosque of Cordoba, La giralda of Sevilla, the Quaraouiyyine Mosque and Medersas of Fes, The seven holy Maqams of Marrakech, Ziyarats you may treasure for a lifetime.

We are eager to welcome you among us in one of our Mystical tours in Spain and Morocco on one of our small group tours or a personalized private journey custom designed just for you.