three days ziyarats in Fes

3 Days Visiting Fez

A Unique journey for Muslims in the mystical city of Fes. Sufi excursions from Fez...

In this three days Mystical tour you will have the chance to explore the islamic highlights of northern morocco, while spending 3 nights in Fez the city known to be the City of Islam. Travel with a small group or call on us to personalize a private journey for you in Fez. This tour is an overview on ancient spiritual history of Islam and Sufism in Morocco.

This small group tour can stat from Tangier port, Casablanca airport, or Fez Airport as a small group tour or a private customized journey. You will travel to Meknes, the Versailles of Morocco. Finally, you will reach the heartbeat of Morocco in every conceivable way, the ancient city of Fez. Join this short tour to Fez with a small group as scheduled for 2021 and 2022, or contact us so we can personalize a special private journey just for you.

You will start your journey by a welcome at Fes airport, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel or riad. Visit the medina of Fez at your leasure then you are offered some optional excursions to the nearby cities. This will lead you to Volubilis, a Roman capital of Mauritania Tingitana. Next, you will travel to Meknes, the Versailles of Morocco. You are also offered an excursion to the ancient city of Sefrou, an old Jewish outpost, and the Village of B'Halil a remenat of Christian Morocco.


Arrive in Fez

As you arrive at Fes airport, you will meet your guide to begin your journey in Fez. you can start visiting immediately the city or take your day at leisure.

You are The most ancient of the imperial capitals and the most complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is the spiritual and intellectual neartbeat of Morocco.

Time spent in Fez will reveal much about the sophistication of the Moroccan artisan, providing an unparalleled learning experience to those who cross its path. Your morning will be spent visiting the Medina. Our specialized guide will take you on a historic discovery of the city of Fez starting at the King s Palace and its Meshwar with ramparts and majestic gates.

You will explore Muslim notworthy places of great importance in islamic teaching and practice in Morocco, Medersas, sufi orders, maqams and regular theological schools of thoughts also notable mosques. Explore great Halal healthy restaurants, spiritual gardens and best mystical sufi music and chants.

Vist Eminent maqams in the city and outside its surroundings, Maqam of Sidi Heddi, Moualy abdessalam Ibn Mashish, Moulay Yacoub healing Hot springs, MOulay Bouchta el Khammar, Sidi Youssef ibn Ali in Sefrou and more...

Do some Muslim activities for Halal cooking classes, healing plants class by an expert Herbalist, Hammam Spa, Henna ceremony with family, traditional natural cosmetic class, Arabic Calligraphy Moroccan script


Fez - Meknes - Moulay Idriss - volubilis - Fez

You are offered day excursions of ancient history at the vicinity of Fez. This journey will take you from imperial Rome to the ninth century to early Islam first settlement at mount Zerhoun A.D.

Jumping forward in time and just few minutes away is the venerated citadel of Moulay Idris, founded in the 8th century by MoulayIdris Al Akbar, grandson of the Prophet Mohamed (s.a.w.s). This citadel is considered to be both the cradle of Sufism to Moroccan society as well as the first Islamic capital for the premier Arab dynasty. The city was created primarily for the indigenous population that migrated with MoulayIdris from the Middle East. You will drive around 15 miles to the next stop, the imperial city of Meknes. Meknes is a 17th Century city built by Moulay Ismail to rival Fez. It is also considered to be the Versailles of Morocco.

This journey is to explore most venerated Islamic highlights set at your reach as a day excursions from Fez. Pray with Fellow Muslims in most elaborated mosques and zaouias such as sheikh el Kamil and Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch.


Optional Excursion to Sefrou and B'Halil

You can take this excursion or have a cooking class with a renowned Chef in a riad. Take a traditional Hammam spa in the Medina


Fez Airport

Transfer to the Airport to catch you flight back home.

What is included

  • Accommodation in 4 star hotels
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Land transportation
  • Services of local guides
  • Fees to monuments and museums
  • Hotel tax and service charges

Hotels used

  • Fez: Hotel Across, two nights
$185.00 Cost per person based on double occupancy:
$125.00 Single supplement:
$85.00 Excursion to Meknes, Volubilis and Moulay Idriss:
$65.00 Excursion to Sefrou and B'Halil in the Atlas Mountains:
$45.00 Cooking Class in a riad or Traditional Hammam spa: