Morocco Spiritual Journeys


Sufism, this venue of spiritual discipline teaching is virtually the heart of the faith of Islam. It was first defused informally before becoming progressively structured around the 11th century. Historically, the transmission of this teaching is done, from the 13th century down through spiritual centers that earned by merit to preserve the norms of culture, sociability, and spirituality proper to Islam in an era of dislocation of the Muslim world. These centers, in fact, have known how to preserve a message of a universal spirituality that has nourished the Muslim culture and not only enhanced its artistic and literary expressions but also its social and economic advancements. For centuries Sufism has inspired simultaneously the organization and the ethical and spiritual charters of guilds of crafts, civic society, and ordinary people throughout the Muslim world. We have handpicked the best Morocco and Spain spiritual tours and retreat for you to discover another aspect of spiritual travel to Morocco for Sufi teachings and retreats, ziyyarats to Maqams and visits to best Islamic libraires and centers of learning. Join one of our Morocco packaged tours in small groups or private Muslim travel that woul personalized and customized just for you.

In Morocco, for example, guilds and special trades entities have traditionally allied themselves with Sufi orders. The relationship that has been established between spirituality and social and human development has marked naturally the cultural and historical identity of Morocco. These Sufi Orders of Morocco have known through time an international beaming by establishing their zawiyas in different countries. The case of the Zawiya Quadiriya and Zawiya Tijania in this regard is an eloquent illustration. The roles of these Sufi orders of teaching and civic and spiritual education at the same time engagement of human development and mediation for peace, in a profound and creative effect, are what constitute the Moroccan culture. All of our Spiritual, Sufi retreats and cultural tours are escorted by eminent Muslim guides and drivers in both Spain and Morocco.

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