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When great thinkers who shaped the Universal Human thinking today like Averros, Maimonides, Ibn Arabi and many others roamed the streets of Cordoba, Sevilla, Murcia and Granada, the Muslim Spain was a great center of learning and co-existence. Today we are trying to reconstruct history and bring a great Islamic Heritage in Spain back to life for Muslim travelers from around the world.

Yes indeed, Spain is yet to be discovered for its history and diversity to world's travelers. Spiritual Halal tours to Spain proves that it is hard to view Spain impartially, to treat its customs and its psychology as though everything about them were of a piece of a single color. Legends and labels in fact are piled up in Spain's Islamic architecture, art, music and culinary are everywhere in this so naturally endowed land. There is a magic and mystery in Spain that challenges one's imagination. Spain is a land of stoics and mystics, Sufi poets and artists, of Mosques, churches and synagogues. The zest for life and adoration of God that the noble Spanish people naturally have, the capacity for loyal friendship, their genuine hospitality, their pride and courage, their concept of the dignity and pride, are characteristics that enhance respect and inspire love and brotherhood (a doctrine of Ibn Arabi). A Muslim heritage that is put in practice in what we call today a catholic country. This lively country with countless contributions to human intellect, this intricate tapestry of colors and shapes will never cease to amaze the world. Taking a Muslim tour to Spain is traveling back in time to an era of glory. Every city has its character, Toledo an emblem of sophistication of and Islamic renaissance, Segovia museums and Paradores, Cordoba Mosque, Towers and Moorish sightseeing will marvel you, the Muslim wonder of Alcazar, Seville Muslim minaret of la Giralda stands to witness 800 years of Islamic thriving, ancient Moorish neighborhoods are evidence of a long time glory of Islamic civilization that flourished to its apogee. Ronda old city can all witness great distinguished Islamic architecture and love for the arts. Granada with the one of the world marvels, Alhambra! a palace that is worth visiting to be called Palace where one can still hear the echo of this city screaming "Come back Muslim time, Come back glory". Welcome to Spain, the Ultimate Paradise as the Muslim Moors once called it. Join one of our scheduled group tours to Spain for small groups or just call on us to custom design a special private tour to Spain for you.

Spain of all times

The spanish land is one of most exotic and remote country in Western Europe with a Muslim history unique in its kind. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula, and it is the westernmost country of Europe, being bordered by Portugal to the west and south by the Mediterranean and Morocco, east by France. This travel destination attracts millions of tourists each year on which we wish to add another vital customer to explore Spain Islamic tours and Sufi retreats to Muslim from around the world. The main tourist areas are, by order of importance, the Greater Andalusia due to Islamic history and architecture at best, and remnants of Islam once dominated life in Spain for centuries. The Islamic Imperial Cities of the Muslim and Catholic Kings such as Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, Toledo, Madrid, Malaga, Segovia, Almeria, Cadiz, Jaen, Zaragoza and much more, the way of Santiago has always attracted thousands of pilgrims with interest in Islamic Heritage with the possibility of Halal Travel in Spain to market for millions of Muslims who wish to discover Spain traveling with small group scheduled departures or private customized journeys.

. Spain is a place where east met west, Islam and Christianity lived side by side in such harmony known to human history as the era of "Convivencia". Sufism teaching and Islmic values are still practiced in everyday life of Spain. Needless to say that Islam is coming back and reconversion is on the rise in Spain. Spaniards are life lovers and extremely spiritual and that is their secret of being a happy people. Andalusia with its Muslim legacy is by far the most vibrant most rewarding and most exotic in every aspect of Spanish existence. Due to its climate also the irrigation system the Muslim Moors have sophisticated in their time spent in this paradise on earth. The region has, however, a rich culture and a strong cultural identity. Many cultural phenomena that are seen internationally as distinctively Spanish are largely or entirely of Andalusian origin. These Spain tours include flamenco Music, gastronomic famous staples, and with certainty the Arab ethnicity influenced lifestyle of Andalusian people without forgetting Moorish architectural styles.

Today Spain recognized its history and made suitable for Muslim travelers to come and enjoy tours tailored on their behalf to revive a great era of Islam in Spain to learn about their past history of glory, their contribution in humanities and sciences. Spain made a special effort to cater to Muslims visitors by creating special Halal infrastructure in restaurants and hotels with special places to pray outside of mosques. Spain understands the needs and needs of practicing Muslims traveling in a foreign land. Spain welcomes with open arms this new trend of Muslim travelers or in other words Islamic tourism in Spain.