We are a DMC Tour operator devoted to tailored Halal Islamic Tours to Spain and Morocco. We have organized scheduled group tours at discounted prices for Travelers who wish to explore the Muslim Heritage in Spain and Morocco. If you prefer independent tours to Spain and Morocco, we have the ability and full knowledge to personalize a private tour just for you abiding by the dates you prefer to travel and following your interest and what you wish to explore Spain and Morocco. Muslim Heritage interest is in demand to Spain and Morocco for small groups and private tailored journeys. Morocco and Spain have a lot to offer in the field of spiritual and Islamic customized travel. We can design all kinds of personalized Halal tours to Morocco and Spain to satisfy the savvy travelers who entrust this endeavor for us to plan their dream Muslim Heritage tour for 2021 and 2022.

We are the pioneers of spiritual tours for more than 24 years covering Spain and Morocco group and private Islamic tailored Tours. Our Travel company has offices in the USA, Canada and of course Morocco. Our Halal Travel experts in Spain and Morocco are devoted to providing you with unsurpassed Islamic experience due to their knowledge, devotion and the integrity to this sensitive trend of Spiritual Travel and tours scheduled for 2021 and 2022. Morocco and Spain are universally known for their Islamic history unique and stimulating to all humanity with living legacy at the apogee of Islamic Civilization of all times west of the Mediterranean. At a crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Spain and Morocco set high standards of hospitality with all Muslim traveler's needs, to experience vacations replete with rewarding Islamic encounters to make from a simple trip a pilgrimage. We offer top quality Halal travel for Muslims in schedules Spain and Morocco group tours and private tailor-made trips to enjoy exploring the History and Architecture unique to the western edge of the Islamic world, Visits to sacred sites, and Sufi retreats and encounters, visits to spiritual centers and traditional schools of thoughts.

We are eager to welcome you to Spain and Morocco, to this land of divine spirituality, just contact us for an organized group tour. But, if you choose to travel independently, then just say plan my trip to Spain or Morocco and we will happily do it for you. Tell us a bit about yourself, what you wish to explore in your Islamic discovery, what inspires to visit this part of the world and what type of traveler you are, what would you like to see and do. You name it and we will plan it for you just the way you want Spain and Morocco tailored tour to be. We will open every door for you to immerse yourself in Islamic culture as you experience the amazing sights, ancient sounds of sacred life and intoxicating scents unique to these magical destinations. On any of our group or tailored tours to Spain and Morocco, you will be treated to local music, a drumming workshop, special spiritual sights, traditional mint-tea ceremonies, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with locals.

We are all waiting to hear from you, to have a trip tailored and customized just for you with best quote guarranteed for 2021 and 2022.