three days tours to Morocco from Spain

3 Days Tour Visiting Fez from Spain

A Unique trip from Spain to the ancient city of Fes. A Three days Journey to the real Moorish civilization...

In this three days Mystical tour to Fez from Spain, you will have the chance to explore the highlights of northern morocco, while spending 2 nights in Fez the city known to be the City of Islam. This tour is a peak on ancient spiritual history of Morocco.

The tour begins in Tangier and travel along the scenic route, a ceremonial ride in the footsteps of early Muslim promotors of Mohamed (s.a.w.s) message. You will travel to Meknes, the Versailles of Morocco. Finally, you will reach the heartbeat of Morocco in every conceivable way, the ancient city of Fez.

You will start your journey by a welcome at Fes airport, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel or riad. Visit the medina of Fez at your leasure then you are offered some optional excursions to the nearby cities. This will lead you to Volubilis, a Roman capital of Mauritania Tingitana. Next, you will travel to Meknes, the Versailles of Morocco. You are also offered an excursion to the ancient city of Sefrou, an old Jewish outpost, and the Village of B'Halil a remenat of Christian Morocco.


Travel from Tangier to Fez

As you arrive at Tangier Port, you will meet your guide to begin your spiritual journey to Fez, stopping along the way at differment noteworthy landmarks. Start you trip by visiting Volubilis, the ancient Roman city. Volubilis was the capital of Roman department of Mauritania Tingitana which the actual Morocco. Volubilis is impressively well preserved and the genius of Roman urbanism is still intact. The two central integral streets in every Roman Castrum, the Cardo and Decumanus, are prominent. The Cardo is the boulevard which runs north-south and the Decumanus, east-west. The intersection of the two is the heart of every roman city. There you will find the ruins of the ancient forum.

Not far from this site you will encounter the venerated citadel of Moulay Idriss, this citadel is considered to be both the cradle of Islam. The city was created primarily for the indigenous population that migrated with MoulayIdris from the Middle East. Next will be Meknes, a 17th Century city built by Moulay Ismail to rival Fez. It is also considered to be the Versailles of Morocco.

Later you will reach your destination, the ninth century city of Fez. After Maghrib prayer, you will get a taste of the greatest mystical outpost. You will visit the sights on the outside of ancient walled city, including the ramparts, the gates, and the Borjs (Moorish Forts).


Fez City tour

The most ancient of the imperial capitals and the most complete medieval city of the Islamic world, Fez is reminiscent of a city suspended in time, unfazed by the constantly evolving world outsides of its walls. Fez owes nothing to the Western world, save electricity.

Time spent in Fez will reveal much about the intellectual and spiritual stature of this lively Islamic center providing an unparalleled learning experience to those who cross its path. Your morning will be spent visiting the Medina mosques, Medersas, maqams and zaouias Sufi learning places. Our specialized Muslim guide will take you on a historic discovery of the city of Fez for a full day walking the narrow streets of this ancient city of mystics and stoics.

At the Mernides hill overlooking the City you will enjoy the best panoramic view on the old walled Medina, brimful with its countless minarets to call for the prayers in a city that has responded to these calls for 12 centuries. Fez has preserved its Medina as it was centuries ago. Not even a bicycle is able to be used as tool of transportation. Only donkeys, mules and horses are able to help moving all what the city produces and needs as supplies.

Your walking tour of Fes will lead you to souks and squares reserved for differernt guilds for its activities. From there, you will wind your way to the Sgha square which will lead you to Attarine Medersa and well preserved maqam of Moulay Idriss, the founder of Fez. Next to it, you will visit the Nejjarine square with its famous fountain, its guild of carpentry and the museum of folk arts at the Nejjarine Fondouk.

You will stop atthe great Mosque - university of Al Quarrawiyyine to visit and pray. You will break for your halal lunch then continue exploring the marvels of Fez Medina. You will end your walk at a local Fez family will host you for traditional mint tea in their home. Finally, you will return to your hotel for dinner and other accommodations.


Travel back to Tangier visiting Chefchaouen

Travel to Chefchaouen in the morning to visit this Mountains white town considered to be one of most authentic and picturesque in the whole Mediterranean bassin. Enjoy lunch in this small town that was forbiden to non-Muslims. Continue to Tangier to catch your afternoon ferry back to Tarifa.


  • 2 Nights accommodation in 4 star hotels
  • Halal Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Land transportation in a deluxe air-conditioned, chauffeured vehicle
  • Services of multi-lingual Muslim guides, fluent in English
  • Entrance fees to monuments and museums
  • Ziyarat to Maqams and Sufi Centers
  • Hotel tax and service charges

Hotels used

  • Fez: Hotel Across, two nights
$485.00 Cost per person based on double occupancy:
$165.00 Single supplement: