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Muslim Group Tours to Spain, Morocco and Portugal

Alcazar Tours Inc. is a tour operator specializing in Morocco and Spain in response to the lack of quality options for Muslim travelers seeking Halal accommodations and in-depth historical discoveries. Traditional mass-market tourism in Morocco, Spain, and Portugal often overlooked the specific needs of Muslim travelers, focusing solely on profit. Recognizing the unique requirements of Muslim travel, Alcazar Tours Inc. takes on a mission to redefine the experience in Spain and Morocco through small group and private tours. These tours prioritize respect and authenticity, fostering connections between travelers and local communities, particularly in remote areas where spiritual and cultural exchanges thrive. Since 1994, we have been pioneers in promoting responsible Muslim travel, offering customized programs emphasizing Islamic education and preserving Sufi heritage. While others prioritized mass tourism in urban centers and resorts, we focused on creating meaningful experiences for our visitors. Our reputation for providing exceptional Halal tours in Spain, Morocco, and Portugal is a source of pride. Whether you prefer group tours or personalized itineraries, we are committed to crafting unforgettable journeys tailored to your needs and budget. Additionally, we offer Sufi programs with integrity, ensuring a holistic travel experience.

Discover the essence of Islamic heritage with Alcazar Tours, offering curated group tours and private journeys to Spain and Morocco, among other Islamic destinations. Travel in chauffeured vehicles from Mediterranean coastlines to explore landmarks, Madrasas, Sufi Zaouias, Roman ruins, and Moorish villages—experience hiking near the Atlas Mountains, camping with local Bedouins, and shopping in ancient markets. Indulge in Moroccan and Spanish Halal cuisine and immerse yourself in spiritual and Sufi music throughout your journey. If small group tours are not your thing, we can customize any trip to your preferences in Spain and Morocco. Add to your intellectual discovery other encounters with activities like cooking classes, hiking, dining with locals, or enjoying a Hammam Spa treatment.

At Alcazar Tours, we prioritize sustainable Islamic tourism and Muslim heritage preservation in Spain and Morocco. Our unique approach offers travelers an opportunity to delve into the history of Islam in Andalusia, experience the essence of Sufism, and embark on a spiritual journey to nourish the soul. Whether you join our group tours or opt for personalized private trips, we cater to socially aware travelers seeking authentic experiences in these Muslim destinations. Experience the enticement of Sufi teachings and spiritual exploration while creating lasting memories.

Our Goals

  • We aim to foster connections and cultural exchange among Muslim communities worldwide, focusing on Morocco, Spain, and Portugal.
  • Through firsthand interactions with locals, we aim to promote understanding and create meaningful opportunities for dialogue.
  • We collaborate with residents and like-minded travelers to develop spiritual programs that enrich lives and promote goodwill.
  • Our initiatives go beyond tourism, delving into the sacred ceremonies, music, spirituality, festivals, cuisine, and ways of life inherent in Muslim Moroccan and Spanish cultures.
  • Additionally, we partner with Muslim NGOs, minorities, and underprivileged communities to establish sustainable programs where they are most needed, ensuring long-lasting impact and support.
  • Together, we strive to bridge and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the diversity and richness of Muslim cultures worldwide.
Group yours to Morocco

To all our travelers

At Alcazar Tours & Services, we understand that your interests drive the spontaneity that leads to unforgettable experiences during private Muslim travel in Spain and Morocco. We prioritize listening attentively to your preferences to craft a personalized tour tailored to your desires meticulously. Alternatively, we offer the option to join a small group of like-minded Muslim travelers, ensuring the best exploration of Spain and Morocco.

Our knowledgeable guides and drivers are dedicated to smoothing your journey and minimizing travel inconveniences in unfamiliar territories. We take pride in our selection of intimate accommodations, including boutique hotels, riads, and Paradores, which cater specifically to Muslim travelers. These establishments provide a unique experience absent in larger chain hotels and contribute to preserving historic monuments, breathing new life into them.

From cozy inns to luxurious grand hotels, each lodging encapsulates our destinations’ charm and Islamic culture, offering insights into the daily lives of locals, particularly in Spain. Despite our commitment to quality, we believe private travel to Spain and Morocco should be accessible. Many of our clients find our prices comparable to group tours offered by other tour operators, ensuring affordability without compromising on the richness of your experience.